7 SEO techniques for ranking in 2020

While programmers keep an involvement of typical programming languages including classes, coding structures and objects to create modules likewise Search Engine Optimization is also a huge technical pool in the world of Digital Marketing.

Although it does not contain any syntax in it also includes all particular mentioned strategies. It is a process of ranking a product page or website on top in search results to generate qualifying leads and to bring a good quality audience.


SEO is not about stuffing keywords and having multiple product pages to go up in Google rankings. There are rules, text limits, and ratios for everything. And they all boil down to one simple fact – relevancy! Until and unless your web page features relevant keywords, mobile-friendly interface, and minimum security features across the website – your chances for desired results are none.

So are you ready to increase traffic on your website??

According to HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important. As indicated by HubSpot, 80% of a site's traffic starts with a search query. That is the reason why search engine optimization (SEO) is so significant.

One ultimate thing in SEO to always remember is- SEO is not about stuffing keywords as the keyword density is fixed. There are rules, text limits, and ratios for everything. All the terms and dictates then squeeze down to one simple thing- relevancy! Until all your web pages fulfil all the relevancy of ranking factors covered up in the entire website including a mobile-friendly interface as well to keep up with the responsiveness of the website – your probabilities for wanted outcomes are none.

Here are 7 Advanced On-Page SEO Techniques to boost up the ranking of your business website.


Short and sweet content always drives an eye on it. Keeping shorter meta description which provides click-driving info when you cater with SEO services to clients or rather for individuals needs also is a must. Wrap all your info in the first 150-155 words which contains data relevant to your headline and what is inside your website will drive traffic to your web page.


The website not only plays the role of delivering data to users but also to provide accuracy based solutions depending on the search keywords within less possible time. Working on the website's optimization is essential to avoid high bounce rates and prevention of loss of traffic. To overcome bounce rate problems there are tools provided by Google to examine website's speed.

Page insights are the best one of them to provide the speed from 0-100 range. If the speed count is 80+ then you are on the perfect track, if low then there are recommendations provided by them to tweak your website. We at Vermögen digital provide with best website optimization services to cater to you with the best speed to your website.


Reading one blog and then just get encouraged to read some more and go on with the links inside the blog itself. This is called INTERNAL LINKING. It is very essential and beneficial provided with two main advantages first is it lowers your bounce rate and secondly it creates a well-defined structure for your website. The best analogy is Wikipedia and Neil Patel’s Blogs. Linking in the right manner also plays a vital role in internal linking. Avoid adding NoFollow links and show your highlights on the DoFollow links to increase the ranking of your pages.


Landing pages can turn traffic into money. It improves your lead generation and sales. The more landing pages you create, the more opportunities you open up for gaining search traffic. Of course, the homepage is important but the landing page always helps you create a strong relationship. Creating with professional graphics and a clean, modern layout can help you go that extra mile.

Moreover, you can drive traffic to the landing page through email marketing, press releases, and SEO optimization.


In the world of digital marketing content is the king. Proper content on your website with focused keywords plays a vital role to help you get better ROI on your digital marketing efforts. To do keyword research you can use Google keyword planner which also provides information about search volume and the keywords your competitor's target. We at Vermögen Digital serve with the best keywords which are found out by our content writers and made sure that they are perfectly relevant.


A picture says a lot in an instance where words need to be read with attention. Optimizing your images in the right manner can fetch you thousands of visitors and provide you with traffic. Optimizing blog images for On-Page SEO can help you a lot. Rename your images with a relevant name defining the image you upload.

This would help your image to be in the results when someone is looking for Advanced On-Page SEO Techniques 2020.

Providing Alt Text will help search engines to bad internet connectivity. Providing with captions also is the best option in SEO techniques to help you out in the ranking factor. Without compromising on quality use tools to reduce the size of the image to optimize it and help the image load fast.


Last but not the least, “Structured Data and Schema Mark-up” is one of the hottest topics in SEO. To elaborate, there are 3 major parts to a website, viz. – Text, Mark-up, and Structured Data.

Text, of course, is depictive of the content. Mark-up shows the browser the style the content should look on the website and Structured data assists you make your website look better and permits search engines to classify your websites.

Structured data has many more benefits so far; but once your advanced SEO techniques start working, you will realize that it should be an integral part of any SEO plan. Search Engines prefer to read and crawl standardized data. So, get rid of normal HTML mark-ups and enable Google to crawl your website easily! It isn’t surprising how Structured Data and Schema Mark-up has become a trending topic.

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