Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Marketing is the base of any business. And proper tactics applied in proper time is very crucial for any company to run smoothly. Marketing are of two types: Traditional and Digital Marketing.

The dispute between traditional and digital marketing is long and lasting. It eventually comes down to which one fits the needs of your company. Although digital marketing is very crucial and needs of every company today. Selecting the right marketing type is an age-old question on every marketer’s mind. Let's have a look at the differences between traditional and digital marketing and how digital marketing is very important in today's era of getting digital.

What is Digital Marketing?

Simply elaborating, marketing done digitally with the help of social media channels and websites is called Digital Marketing.

Social media is the new market where you can sell anything if you have a proper strategy for approach.

What is traditional marketing?

Marketing which are done using pamphlets, newspapers, billboards, all printed media, and traditional channels is called traditional marketing. Before the internet coming into existence traditional marketing was the only type of marketing.

Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing: What is the difference?

The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium or the platform through which an audience delivers a marketing message. Even if traditional marketing is old fashioned it’s yet into existence, many brands and companies are still using it for branding. Using the internet has become a part of the routine in everyone's life that's where digital marketing cleverly plays a role by taking advantage of the internet era via various digital channels.

Now coming straight to the point, let's watch out how digital marketing proves to be beneficial over traditional marketing in every aspect:

  1. Target Audience:

    In traditional marketing, it's easy to reach out to local audiences with old approaches but there is no targeted here. Whereas in digital marketing targeting to perfect audience with a low budget and perfect marketing to only the particular domain audience helps in cost-cutting and getting qualified and filtered leads.

  2. Marketing Approach:

    Physical presence is a must in traditional marketing and a person-to-person approach is done where the time of travel, fuel, time, energy everything has to be invested whereas digital marketing is an approach done digitally to the perfect targeted audience via various social media channels. Here database and content with perfect tactics play a vital role.

    The physical presence of a person in digital marketing is a bonus but not a necessity like a traditional one.

  3. Documentation:

    All marketing in traditional happens via hard copy which needs to be carried and kept safely for future reference. Going digitally fixes all of these endeavours as here the data is stored on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and can be accessed as many numbers of times in the future and become hassle free.

  4. Consumer Interaction:

    Minimum interaction is involved in traditional marketing as the promotion mediums are not flexible enough to incorporate with the conversation. This limitation is covered up in digital marketing where the vendors have social networking sites, e-commerce websites, and several apps for collecting feedback from customers which also helps vendors in remarketing.

  5. Real-Time Results:

    When companies implement traditional marketing they have to wait back for weeks or months to get the results whereas digitally you get quick results which saves your time and marketing investments.

  6. Marketing Cost:

    Traditional marketing is costly as too much investment is done on printing and labour charges; Radio/TV advertisements which if doesn't give you a good ROI can make you face a huge loss. Digital marketing always works as a helping hand as it is less costly as everything is online and the use of social media doesn't cost even a single penny. Also, perfect targeted the audience can save money if you opt for a paid advertisement.

  7. Strategy Refinement:

    Due to a lack of real-time results, crafting other strategies is a slow process and depends strictly on marketing results.

    Whereas real-time results are like the cherry on the cake when it comes to refinement of strategy, digital marketers can easily opt for other approaches and achieve good returns.

Summing up

Concluding, summing up all the aspects it is very clear evidence that digital marketing proves to be a bucket full of advantages and facilities offered for the vendors. Consumers are independent and not bound to depreciate any brand and internet showcasing offers hassle-free marketing, returns, and cashless transactions.