How to create enticing and engaging content?

How to create enticing and engaging content? What processes should be followed to have the same distributed?

Any field, any market, everyone will agree to the fact that Content is King!

But treating this king right isn’t everybody’s forte! Essentially! it is a matter of choices – if taken right it can take up the brand further (which is difficult in itself) and if not, damage done will be irreversible (for a longer time); besides waste of resource, time and energy!

So, the only path content marketer have is very clear – to develop/ create great content, which is SEO friendly and can boost up the ranking and bring in traffic on the website.

With all that drama, what do we get in return?

Humm… least off is - better ranking, surge in lead generation, visibility on relevant pages and the list goes on and on…

I am sure you must be wondering, there are so many positives of having unique content on site but how to do it right? Every time!

Do not fret over it, we at Vermögen Digital are here to help, resolve all your questions, give you tip and tricks which will help you getting better traffic.

But it is important to first understand what makes a content great, and then we’ll move on to the insights of producing great content.

Keep in Mind – the target audience you are focusing, conversion actions, and ultimate goal of developing content.

Your content should be actionable

Simplest way to do is to provide content which can suggest and can give assurance as to how a client can use their services. For example – if promoting specific services say application like crm, should contain details about its benefits, features, how it can be used, how you have used it, why it is essential for customers etc.

Also, to make it more actionable either you can provide links to log in or fill in form to capture leads and can be contacted at a later date.

Always Focus On Creating Strong Headlines

Most of the readers decides within first few moments / sentences if the post is worth reading. Tell your users as to why they should be reading the piece of content and what will be discussed in the blog post. Make them want to read it – with strong headlines.

Headlines can stir the decision of a reader either to read it or to skip and go forward. It is very imperative to have the hard hitting one and linkable ones. You can use from the most famous ones like – “This is why, what happens next, this is what will happen if you”

Use these are reference while you are developing headlines next time.

Create Original Content

Sometime even with best seo practices Google does not approve of the content and the website hosting them, gets blacklisted. It mostly happens because Google crawl overall content which is constant and rejects the duplicate ones. Content written should be original, which in turn will help in attaining more and more exposure (read organic traffic). More so, Google reward sites which are original in nature (in terms of content) and have avoided duplicate content usage.

Develop enticing content and be ready to answer your audience!

It is very essential to have you audience engaged on to your content and blog written. To have the same done either writer has to provide interesting insights or some links to back up the content written.

It can also be done by answering questions they have asked or is been asked generally by the audience of that segment. Include questions which will make readers ponder on how they can imply the knowledge being provided.

Another option could be providing video links or adding up funny images or memes, or stories. People love to hear stories which can relate emotionally or ending with funny note; asking questions to the audience is another way of having them engaged or have a poll posted on and ask for answers.

Be Accurate in Your Reporting and Sourcing of Information

This aspect is important and has to be placed just below the previous point. Since we are suggesting giving out links and information to your audience, but this has to be done with an intention that information provided is the latest and true in nature.

While it is imperative to provide information a single wrong piece would sabotage the trust factor we are trying to build while building the brand name through our content strategy.

Along with all these best practice we have to follow is to make continuous updates to your Website or Blog.

Now coming up to the point of How can we distribute or promote the content created.

Basically content distribution is nothing but utilizing various platforms and places where relevant content can be promoted to get more and more visibility on online spaces and to increase reach of quality content.

Essential is to understand as to where and how it can be distributed and under which format it should be categorized. For ex: If content created comes under earned media, paid media, or owned media.

Once the categorization is done, identification of unique ways of distribution needs to be finalised which is beyond Social share:

  1. Influencer’s marketing
  2. Guest post
  3. Personalized emails to the database
  4. Email signatures etc

Also, along with it have an understanding of various tools that can be used for distribution. You can use,,, etc. as these are some of the most user friendly and result oriented tools.

To conclude, it is not easy to develop content and to market it; as most of the quality content also gets washed away in the crowd. Need of the hour is to dive deep into the tactics which are usable to develop and distribute keyword enriched content.

We at Vermögen Digital have experienced Content Writer, developer and marketers, aware of the knack used to create SEO friendly and unique content. Call Us today, get your content reviewed and enhance your content’s visibility.